[RECAP] Nova Eroica – First GRS Stage

[RECAP] Nova Eroica – First GRS Stage

Above 28C is called Gravel…

Buonconvento Siena magnificent Nova Eroica theater will see more than a thousand participants tomorrow who will face the two routes designed in different difficulty: 145km and 89km of gravel roads, a reference to the classic Eroica in a modern key.

We’re here! Gravel Road Series 2018 starts from here, if you have never come to Tuscany and love the Gravel bike this is an experience to do.

It will be an honor for me to be able to document it photographically for you.

At Nova Eroica no joke, starting from the elegant package containing typical products, among which stands out a bottle of a well-known red that produce nearby … what’s his name … ah yes … Brunello di Montalcino.

Accents from all over Italy, foreign languages, in the exhibitors’ park and for the magnificent medieval villages the voices intersect and give life to a confused and wonderful multi-lingual music.

If the good morning is seen from the beginning … 7 years and the enthusiasm of those who are having fun crazy even if it has not arrived first, a smile that makes you think, a message for all of us that we make competitions a pretext to prevail and we may have forgotten how beautiful it is to ride a bike.

Now comes the sunset, the party has already begun, tomorrow will be sweat and dust!

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Nova Eroica GRS Winners

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[RECAP] Nova Eroica – First GRS Stage