Franco Monchiero, one of the leading poromoter of MTB Enduro at national and international levels has decided to come back into the race eld launching the “International Gravel Road Series”, characterized by a new way of seeing the competitive spirit. The “Special Stages” will be the cornerstone of Gravel Road Series and the selection of the location will be the real strength of this ambitious project that it has in its strings off-road, the desire for exploration and assignment of the“Italian Champion” jersey of the Italian Cycling Federation.

The gravel world is founded on a natural inclination to explore characterized by a strong sense of adventure combined with the need to abandon the usual routes. The bike rider catapult himself at discovering the road ahead, the landscape, the culture and the local avors abandoning the stereotypes of classical cycling. Competitive cycling and territory touristic exploration, the two souls of the gravel cyclist coexist in this series. The rider can choose between being competitive, submitting himself to stage timing and nal classi cation or a pedaling tourist, just touring and making stops for food.

The Gravel Road Series permits to the competitive cyclist to have nice food breaks and to the cycling tourist to gain those food breaks trough pedaling but not in a hurry.

The development of the bike-busines and tourism are the main purpose of the circuit and Race Events implements them through the strategic choices of the race location on the territory of the races and the organizational formula. As the Gravel an emerging new disciplines, they open new scenarios that will allow companies and shops to catalyze new fans. The partner companies will join the project will, through the involvement of their dealers and our communication plan, to hire / test their products also in the race, turning the “interest” in a potential trade action.


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